Introducing the Volume Minder

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Here’s the Problem...

You carefully set up your sound system to provide the perfect level of sound reinforcement. But as the performance progresses, the excitement builds, the music keeps getting louder, performers get louder, and soon potentially damaging sound levels are being produced. Modern audio equipment, even low cost equipment, can produce extremely high sound levels. But these very high sound pressure levels can begin to damage the hearing of your audience and even damage your expensive speaker systems. The possibility arises for individuals or groups to initiate legal action resulting from temporary or permanent hearing loss. No one means for this to happen, but performers and others controlling the sound levels can lose perspective as to the absolute loudness of the sound and not even realize that the overall sound level is gradually getting louder, but it is.


Volume Minder



Pacific Valley Design


...And hereís the Solution

The Volume Minder from Pacific Valley Design. The Volume Minder will accurately compare the actual sound pressure level (SPL) in the room to a preset maximum. If the SPL is within this limit, the Volume Minder will do nothing. But if the SPL should begin to exceed the limit, it will immediately leap into action and take control of the sound level. It will quickly and smoothly bring the sound level back into conformance with your limit. It will do this in a way that is barely noticeable. The Volume Minderís sound perspective will never be altered as the performance progresses, but instead will remain stable and unchanging.

The Volume Minder is easy to set up and completely automatic in operation. It makes the solution to a complex problem simple.


    The Volume Minder is manufactured in Castro Valley, CA